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Thursday, December 15, 2005

first 3 chapters to editor!

yay! don't you just love the feeling of relief when you've made a deadline and can breathe deeply? i haven't experienced a feeling quite like this since turning in papers during graduate school. i barely slept last night--may have had to do with the fact that my heater wasn't warming the place over 60 degrees--and was up early doing tons of last minute editing. since working in a law firm where we were required to put two spaces after a period, i'm having to reign myself in to only one space which can take a ton of time to eyeball on paper. so, early afternoon i simply couldn't look at the douments any longer and sent them off to my lovely editor. plan to sleep like a baby tonight. granted i have nine more chapters to write, and need to start outlining tomorrow, but tonight i plan to watch some mindless tv, do some pleasure reading (the latest O! mag), drink a cosmo, and take a hot bath. ahhh, the joys of finishing up one deadline before heading onto the next.

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Anonymous said...

rather than blogging, use your energy to help those less fortunate than yourself and your target audience.