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Monday, November 14, 2005

miami yoga conference musings

i was hoping to blog and podcast from the omega yoga conference in miami but the Internet connection was so sporadic. maybe it was a sign to disconnect for a few days! either way, this was tranquiliT's best tradeshow yet. yoginis loved the cross front tunics in the pucci-inspired print, tie tops and velvet capris. it is such a treat to be in an environment with great energy swirling around constantly. as a vendor, you begin at 8am and end at 9pm so there is little down time. however, while the shoppers were in class, i was able to sneak away for a practice with jonny kest and sarah powers, along with chanting with krishna das.

i find sarah powers to be one of the most authentic, gentle, and inspiring teachers i've met. i took her yin class which focused on letting go of reactivity which is a large focus of yin - where you soften into poses like pigeon and baddha konasana for 3+ minutes to open and awaken connective tissue. she mentioned three keys of yin yoga that i think are applicable to our daily life:

1. find your appropriate edge
2. let go
3. stay for awhile

she also mentioned that if you're not seeing tolerance and forgiveness show up in your relationshiops, then your practice is awry. namely, if we're not noticing growth in how we react to ourselves and others, what is the point of our practice? as i sign off to prepare for the next podcast and to do some writing for the book, i want to leave you with this profound thought - what changes in your reactions are you seeing from your practice?

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