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Sunday, November 06, 2005

a blast from the past

i have just returned from three days with mum and gramma. we hung out in the backlands of louisiana (where gramma ended up after outliving her second husband). this photo is from our first day spent at the louisiana state fair. after riding the carousel (got a free second ride because the operator loved gramma), we walked the exhibits (feed the tiger, ride the camel, see who won "best apron"), and i was dying to have one of the old time photos done. note the lovely attached photo!

i haven't returned home to my roots for three years. for some reason i feel torn between who i am and who i came from. at times it is comforting (hence our multiple wal-mart trips, my love of the friendly check-out people everywhere, dining at sonic drive-in on friday night), at other times it is disconcerting (overhearing a 19-year-old discuss her marriage, baby and divorce at the age of 16 at the state fair, noting that feathered bangs are still tre cool, and the confederacy and dogmatic belief that there is only one faith is still highly revered).

i was introduced to the story of bonnie and clyde during this "lillian reunion" (gramma's name - reunion originated in 1998), and am fascinated with this crazy couple. we even went to their museum and moneument (where the ambush took place). the interesting piece about this outlaw couple is that many people of that time respected them because they were speaking out (severely) against those who were to protect citizens at a time when there was little trust in law enforcement. their whole story is mesmerizing. i love being introduced to new stories. more to come on this crazy couple - gotta watch the hollywood movie.

i share all this with you as a fun reminder of who we are, who we came from, the importance of returning to that place, but also distinguishing how we relate to THAT place. for example, when i attend garden club with gramma, everyone is introduced as "mrs. fred smith." um, i'll bet she has a REAL name. how about ms. beatrice stotlar? that was probably who she was before she married fred smith!! cultures are so different between generations, and especially between areas of the country. it is fun to observe.

may you all have moments of pleasure in wal-mart, sonic drive-ins, dressing up with gramma, giggling over name calling (we tortured gramma on friday which is council on aging day. gramma was nervous that we were arriving late so we drove past the coucil on purpose and gramma yelled "stupid woman" to mama - something we've NEVER heard. we clearly pushed her limits. NEVER be late to your $1 lunch at the homer, LA council on aging!), and dining at a drive-in on friday night. yes, my roots are truly a welcomed and comforting blast from the past.

p.s. gramma is 93 and is STILL rockin'. she e-mails, and i spent my last 1.5 hours introducing her to google (you can research sciatica!), and the joys of sending e-cards. god bless my gramma! if you have a cute, avante garde grandpa, send his info my way. gramma has many more spry years left!

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Anonymous said...

As Kimberly's mother, I must tell the rest of the story. Kimberly was the one who told me to drive pass the Council on Aging so she deserves part of the name, "Stupid Woman," which I received from my usually very correct mother.
Sorry, Kimberly, but it had to be told.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

I love that picture, Kimberly! (Your costume is DIVINE <3) And all three of you are beautiful women. (I know this was from 3 years ago, I'm catching up on your old podcasts and had to comment on this picture... :D)