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Monday, October 17, 2005

hip tranquil chick podcast #4

Welcome to the fourth edition of the Hip Tranquil Chick podcast: a girl’s guide for living a luxe lifestyle on & off the mat. Back in the Pink Palace, Washington, DC.

Create a signature style, how to pull your wardrobe together to reflect your most fabulous self, along with the yoga pose of the podcast, and we’re closing it off with some fabulous podsafe music!

1. Determine your style: Collect images that appeal to you from various magazines and put together a style collage. Is it trendy, bohemian or more classic? Bold colors and styles or more subdued? Jackie O, Betsey Johnson, or Audrey H?
2. Assess your situation. Clothing, shoes or accessories that have not been worn in over 2 years, the trend has faded, or you just don’t love the item anymore should be donated to a local women’s shelter or offered up during a girl’s night in swap you host.

Must-haves for the Hip Tranquil Chick closet:
  • Black yoga pants – velvet, cotton, poly, cotton blend, terry
  • Fitted wrap tops and tees that stretch and can dress up or down. great for layering.
  • Fitted black velvet blazer. Cropped one.
  • A cashmere wrap or cardigan
  • Long duster sweater. Transition weather.
  • A slip and wrap dress that can be worn over yoga pants or alone
  • Long, dark, dressy jeans to wear with heels
  • Shorter, casual jeans to wear with your fave flip flops
  • Black slip on shoes that are comfortable yet funky for wearing to the studio and then to the café
  • Multiple black skirts – asymmetrical, below the knee, mini; all in assorted fabrics to throw on with the after practice yoga glow
  • Accessories: Invest in accessories that can wow even the most basic black leggings and white tee
    • head scarves for the post-practice hair fix
    • a strand of long black glass beads or pearls that can be wrapped around the neck a few times
    • long skinny scarf that double as head and hip scarves too
    • chandelier and hoop earrings
    • a great bag, large enough to hold all your goodies, yet funky enough to feel hip AND practical
Pose of the Podcast: Downward facing dog

Closing: Get your signature style started with savings on my tranquiliT collection. Click here to shop and save 15% off through October 31. Share your thoughts with me at Visit and for additional sources of inspiration. Chill with the included podsafe tunes – Polar Personified Hengi by DJ Come of Age from the podsafe music network.

Thanks for joining me for the fourth edition of the Hip Tranquil Chick podast. Namaste.

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