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Sunday, September 11, 2005

the power of performance

greetings from north carolina! i'm here with my beau celebrating his 34th year, reconnecting with another yoga teacher i met at a training 5 years ago who has helped with the development of the tranquiliT line, and reveling in the joys of wireless connection. last night for tim's birthday we went to see coldplay, and i was truly blown away. what a performer! i have this odd predilliction to be brought to tears when watching someone share their passion. it always happens at tori amos' concerts (didn't at eminem?), at shows by cirque du soliel, and while watching a passion-filled dancer perform. if you haven't had a chance to see chris martin perform, i highly encourage it. i equate his performance on the piano to that of tori's - full of passion for music. bouncing up and down as he pounds the notes. tori, however, plays two pianos at once while straddling the bench! he also took one song into the audience, walking through the crowd which showed a sincere desire to connect to his fans. another piece that sruck a chord was his promotion of fair trade, a symbol he wears prominently on his hand. there was a fair trade booth set up at the concert to educate participants on one of chris martin's strong values. the ability to share one's passion, inspire others, spread a message, connect with supporters, and make a living doing what one loves is an admirable life. it was impressive to watch it unfold on the stage last night. it is also fun to remember that each day we perform our own concert in some small way. just as judith lasater says, "every moment of your life is a moment of potential practice," i believe that every moment of our lives is a moment of performance which hopefully leads to joy in ourselves and inspiration to others. here's to positively powerful and passion-filled performance each day .....

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