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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

humbled by hip hop - a beginner's mind

one of my goals for the new year was to take a dance class - ballet, jazz, anything to just move differently! well, i was finally able (and brave enough) to carve out an hour to move this afternoon. having been an avid yogini for the past eight years, i haven't really approached moving in my body in such a new, fresh way (except the one-time ballet class where i scuttled across the floor like a crab, never to return, and my salsa series where i barely progressed).

so as i'm walking to joy of motion where i taught yoga for a few years, i began to question my ability level. would i be good enough? would i be able to keep up? would other people be ahead of me due to their dance training? those gremlins are always there and it is up to us to observe them and just keep going. i danced as a young girl and in high school but that was almost 16+ years ago! and then hip hop begins! oh my. popping, moving in amazing ways, up, then down, use the head, wide-legged push ups on the floor, have attitude. i giggled the entire time and came away incredibly humbled.

it was a perfect reminder of what a beginner goes through when they first approach the yoga mat and this was the perfect class to instill compassion for newbies - of anything! we've all been there. the slow start to something new, only to shine brightly after working hard to overcome obstacles, lack of god-given talent, and set backs. i spoke with a few dance teachers today begging for consolation that there was a possibility of improvement and maybe i'm just a slow learner. (we spent 30 minutes learning two 8 counts that i still don't have down!!) i was reminded that some people take a little longer to pick up choregraphy but shine with performance.

thank goodness there is no hip hop recital coming up but i figure stepping outside of the comfort zone, trying new things, laughing at myself, recognizing my desire to cry when i don't get it immediately, and returning next week is my performance! oh, and did i mention that i bought a 15-class pass? look out hip hop - the white girl with very little rhythm is back next week dancing to "i ain't no hollaback girl." i share this story as a hope of inspiration to try new things and step outside of that sacred comfort zone. don't forget your BIG dose of self-compassion.

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