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Sunday, April 24, 2005

tranquiliT inspiration

why tranquiliT? who needs luxe yoga clothing? why do you feel the need to feel fashionable while on the mat?

tranquiliT developed in the same way tranquil space began 5.5 years ago. there was not much yoga to be found in dc and i craved a like-minded community. so i set out to create someplace special for others to be inspired where tea and cookies would complete their experience.

tranquiliT grew out of my need to feel less frumpy while living in yoga wear 6-7 days a week. i recall feeling uncomfortable when i began teaching yoga full-time and was subbing downtown. surrounded by the work crowd in business suits, my tight black leggings and t-shirt felt like they shouldn't be allowed to leave the gym or studio. but who has time to change clothes simply to walk to the next class to teach across town? i began adding a skirt over my yoga pants so i didn't feel so exposed but that didn't quite solve my discomfort. i've always found that when i present my best self outwardly, i feel better inwardly. this relates to my practice too. when i am in comfortable clothing that i can easily wear on and off the mat, i can transition easily from meetings to the cafe to yoga practice. thus, tranquiliT was born.

are you seeking something more in your life? do you think that you may have ideas that can solve a problem for yourself and others? maybe a motivational book club for like-minded divas? how about a functional AND fashionable bag that actually fits everything you need to carry? or a book that shares your life journey and will inspire others? now is the time to create. your challenges or needs are probably faced by others too. your risk taking and attention to your own needs may help lead others to a tranquil space.

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