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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

luxe holiday indulging

the holidays are fast approaching. as i sign the numerous holiday cards and review my holiday lists, i wonder where a little self-nurturing could be thrown into the mix. so, i wanted to share a few ideas to help the urban diva stay in touch with her practice during the festivity hubub.

1. stand on your head - literally. headstand is a great way to get comfortable with your world upside down, learn to breathe through it, and come out feeling restored.
2. try tree pose while standing in long lines. tree pose, interlacing hands behind your back and lifting up, basic cat/cow tilts or side bends.
3. take a strong, proud tadasana - a steady mountain pose helps to instill confidence in yourself and in those you interact with. picture yourself entering the holiday cocktail party where you know no one with grace, dignity, a scooped tailbone and a strong mountain-like purpose. you deserve to be there and for people to know your fabulous self!
4. breathe fully - nothing like a full, deep yogic breath to bring you back to the body and remove you from the list-making in your head. notice your breath in hectic holiday situations and restore your sanity.
5. let go - aunt helga may ask annually, "so when ARE you getting married/getting a real job." but it is how you react that causes the internal struggle. answer with stern dignity, "as i've mentioned before, i love being single/serving in the peace corps and am thoroughly enjoying the life i'm leading." letting go of the desire to control another person (especially family) will free up an amazing amount of energy.
6. carve out "me time" - journal write, take a hot bath, light candles, buy yourself a holiday treat, sip herbal tea, paint.
7. host a soiree - invite over your closest friends for some yoga, 2004 reflection, 2005 intention setting, and overall connection.
8. get creative - give gifts that benefit your relationship. 2 tickets to the opera, a coupon for a day at the zoo and dinner on you, a homemade dinner on the date of their choice, 2 registrations to a yoga workshop....all of these ideas allow you to spend time with your beloved AND benefit from the experience.

i hope these help you carve out some precious practice time over the holidays. live luxuriously by paying special attention to your needs and ways to throw some yoga into the mix - both on and off the mat.

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