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Sunday, December 19, 2004

chewy louie

i just had to share the new tranquil space mascot (in addition to the beta fish you'll see behind the front desk who isn't quite as exciting). since this spring, i've had dreams of becoming a mother ..... for the 4th time. i currently "mother" 2 cats, 1 fish and was craving the love of a black baby pug. wow, what a treat. little louis (pronounced louie) is the cutest man ever. after continued searching for a puppy, questioning how i would balance mothering such a needy little beast with my other obligations, and perusing websites that showed the cutest puppy clothes on humiliated dogs, i took the plunge last weekend into more motherhood (hence my lack of blogging or sleeping for that matter....).

i write this to share my lessons learned here. i truly questioned if i could handle this big responsibility. cats and fish are easy, require so little and are quite independent. little lou lou, however, needs mommy and daddy 24/7. i think he's a perfect example of deciding you want something, researching it, requesting support (i have a long list of people who are dying to puppy sit), and jumping head first. the first few nights were torture. literally. waking up every 2 hours to relieve his thimble-sized bladder and encouraging him to use his puppy pads instead of mama's new rug was taking a toll. now, after a week, he's sleeping at longer intervals, the cats are adapting, i'm learning to brush my teeth while holding him in my other arm, he's learning that the laptop is not a chew toy, and the dust is slowly settling.

i have many years of lessons to learn with this little ball of love and i'll be sure to relay them. if you have a dream, a desire for something that seems unattainable, begin doing your research, seek support and take the plunge. your little chewy louie may be right around the corner and will hopefully avoid your ibook.

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