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Monday, November 08, 2004

the power of choice

This week felt like a roller-coaster at the studio. Tuesday I received elated text messages from friends delighted to stand for hours in line to make their voice heard, and students showing up wearing their "I voted" sticker with pride to receive a free yoga class. Then came Wednesday where the mood was very different - sullen, almost devestation. I began the class with an energetic focus to move through pent-up emotions and ended with a restorative focus, to quiet and calm. Throughout the remaining classes and into the retreat I led this weekend, I focused on reminding students of the power of choice.

We all have a choice about how we react to the results of this election. To me, nothing is worse than feeling powerless. Can you spend a few moments reflecting on how you can continue supporting causes you hold dear? How can you make a difference within this administration? How can you help make America stronger? How can the election teach the art of detachment? How can the election jump-start you to get involved?

I believe that our ability to make a difference has little to do with who sits in the Oval Office but more to do with what we tell ourselves. Feeling defeated does little to boost morale or move a country forward. Feeling defeated saps precious energy. And feeling empowered moves mountains. Every decision we make can have an impact. How you choose to spend your time and creative resources speaks volumes. Allow yourself to mourn or celebrate the results of the election while also reminding yourself that the choices you make on a micro-level can affect the world on a macro-level above and beyond the elected Commander-In-Chief. Continue moving mountains through your daily activities: tucking in a child, donating your time, writing an e-mail to lift another's spirits, saying "thank you," practicing yoga, sitting quietly, giving the world your best, pushing your edges, holding your boundaries.

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