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Thursday, November 18, 2004

create a passion-filled vision statement for your life

During the retreat I led last weekend with eleven delightfully open and receptive yogis, I emphasized the importance of assessing their current state of satisfaction in the various areas of their lives (relationships, education, career, financial, etc.) and to list baby steps on how to improve areas that lacked full satisfaction. This inner work reminded me of the importance of living and practicing a vision statement.

A modern girl must jumpstart her chic and consious path by establishing a vision statement for her life. A vision statement is a simple promise to the world that one’s presence on this earth is not in vain. The Hip Tranquil Chick chooses what she wants to accomplish in life and knows why is it important to her. Her vision can be as specific as opening a much-needed shoe store in her neighborhood or as global and grandiose as changing the world through activist efforts. She begins by noticing what moves her, what ignites passion, and what she admires in others. It is true that the unexamined life is not worth living, so she establishes a purpose. Once the vision is set, she begins aligning her decisions and goals in accordance with this vision. Until then, if there is not a clearly defined direction, she knows that the path towards an enlightened life will be very windy.

To help you determine your vision statement, take a moment to do some OMwork:
· Write 20 activities that bring you joy. Ex., running, writing, and listening to music.
· Write 10 causes that inspire you. Ex., feminism, bargain shoe-buying, and animal rights.
· Write 10 1-year and 5-year goals. Ex., getting certified to teach yoga, completing a business plan, or writing a book proposal may be 1-year goals. 5-year goals may be opening a yoga studio, getting published, or becoming a well-known speaker on feminist issues.

Do you see a common theme among these three lists? How can you weave them together to create a vision statement for your life? Write an affirmation of your purpose. A vision statement for these examples could be to inform others of the importance of living an empowered life through writing about yoga and feminist values. An affirmation would be: I will live in a way that blends my joy of yoga with my passion for feminism and encourage others to do the same through my example and writing. Once a clear vision statement and affirmation have been set, inscribe them on colorful note cards. Position them all around you – at work, in your planner, at home, in your fabulous handbag – so that you are constantly reminded of why you’re here and where you’re going!

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