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Saturday, December 30, 2006

create a sacred and soulful space

after teaching, meeting with a teacher, and interviewing a fab chick on creativity today, i will begin my journey into closet clean-out (beau and pup have been forewarned and are getting geared up). this is my way to journey into more soulful surroundings. chapter 11 of hip tranquil chick offers tons 'o tips on getting our environment in order. tonight and tomorrow is my chance to do my seasonal overhaul. while perusing a lovely blog this morning, i came across keri smith's tips on creating a sacred space and wanted to share. enjoy! happy reflecting, cleaning, and making room for all this new year has to offer.

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the most modern of bombshells said...

I'm doing the same today, but with my "office". Basically, my beau and I share a bedroom, but I have a regular sized room where I keep my computers, my sewing and all my clothes and cosmetics. It's called my "office" but it's really my cave. As of late, with all the parties and such, it's become a total mess and I have no idea what happened! So, today's my day to get it all cleaned up! I'm thinking I may need a little portable heater though. It's bitterly cold!

Good luck on your new year's cleaning and have a safe and healthy new year!

Anonymous said...

I'm also clearing out, but it has only extended to one drawer so far! I will have to read your tips in ch 11 and get inspired! Katie, England